Webinar Alert: What's ahead for home improvement

Ethan Chernofsky of will provide a data-centric forecast and discussion on the state of home improvement.

There's no question that the home improvement sector has exploded during the pandemic. 

But could we be in for a bust? Or will the rise in demand become a more permanent fixture of the industry?

During "Home Improvement: A Reckoning" Ethan Chernofsky of is joining HBSDealer to share a data-centric overview of the state of home improvement now.

a screen shot of Ethan Chernofsky
Ethan Chernofsky

During a discussion with HBSDealer Editor in Chief Ken Clark, we will cover:

  • Looking back on the rapid shifts in 2020;
  • The state of the business in 2019 vs 2021;
  • Consistent regional gains;
  • Home improvement visits.

The event is scheduled for Oct. 7, 2 p.m. EST.

Registration for this free, live event is available here

Join us for an opportunity to learn how to leverage an industry in flux to grow your business now.

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