Webinar Alert: The Home Depot Rental talks shop

Executives from The Home Depot Rental division will discuss what’s in store for the equipment rental market.
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What’s next for the rental equipment market? We're going to ask The Home Depot Rental division.

Join a team of executives from The Home Depot Rental for a conversation with HBSDealer about where the equipment and tool rental market stands and what lies ahead.

During a live discussion, the team from The Home Depot Rental will break down what they are seeing in the rental market, how they are growing sales, and how they have overcome pandemic issues.

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2021 and 2022 are promising to be strong years for the rental category. Hear how The Home Depot plans to drive bigger sales while expanding operations.

Particpants include:

  • Richard Porter: Vice President of Rental, Repairs, RLCs & Services, The Home Depot
  • Anika Wharton: Senior Director of Rental Operations, The Home Depot
  • Tim Dugan: Senior Director of Rental Operations, The Home Depot
  • Tony English: Senior Director of Merchandising  – Rental, The Home Depot
  • Andy Carlo: LBM Editor, HBSDealer

More information and registration for this vital industry event is available here.