Watch the replay: The store of the future

Exploring the defining principles of a successful retailer of the future.

"If you’re doing the things that are futuristic for the sake of being futuristic, that’s great for a sci-fi movie, it’s not great for retail," said Ethan Chernofsky, vice president of marketing for, which specializes in retail analytics.

During a recent 30-minute webinar sponsored by Epicor, Chernofsky shared unique insights on "The Store of the Future," including what he feels are the defining features of the concept: Customer-centric, data-driven and truly omnichannel. 

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The discussions described the physical store as the hub of the future retail enterprise, and the physical touch points that it offers are only increasing in importance. 

However, the days of relying exclusive on "sales per square foot" is no longer the ultimate measure of physical store success. "For us to have an effective store of the future, we need to apply the perspectives of the future, and the most important perspective is data driven measurement and analysis to understand value," Chernofsky added.

The webinar was sponsored by Epicor and moderated by HBSDealer's Ken Clark. Register for the free webinar here