View from ‘the Blue’

Into the Blue product pitch event from Lowe’s makes dreams real for entrepreneurs.
Lowe's Into the Blue 2022
Into the Blue product pitch event invited select suppliers to Lowe's new tech center to try to land their dream.

Select businesses chosen for Lowe’s Into the Blue program recently pitched their products directly to Lowe’s representatives and leadership executives at an event held at the company’s new tech hub in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Lowe’s product pitch event gives entrepreneurs the chance to take their business to the next level,” said Bill Boltz, executive vice president, merchandising.

One entrepreneur commented about the opportunity the event provided him and his company.

“It’s dreams coming true, is what it comes down to. With Lowe’s being willing to work with us at this level means we can do things we’ve been looking forward to,” said P.J. Ferguson, owner of Skidger Xtreme Weeder, one of the suppliers selected.

Some highlights from the event, said the firm, included: 

  • Product pitches from more than 400 entrepreneurs, representing 15 countries and 42 states.
  • Mainstage presentations from guest speakers, including celebrity entrepreneur Joy Mangano and co-hosts of HULU’s Small Business Revolution, Amanda Brinkman and Baron Davis.
  • Educational breakout sessions and a vendor fair to help aspiring Lowe’s suppliers grow their business knowledge.
  • A target of $5 million in purchase orders are being awarded to new suppliers discovered through the event.

“This also shows that we care about our community of entrepreneurs and business owners, and we want to find those small business owners who need that break, who need that opportunity to get their item in Lowe’s to do great things,” added Sarah Dodd, Lowe’s senior vice president of global merchandising.

Following their selection as a new supplier, said the company, winning entrepreneurs will begin the process to have their products sold on Lowe’s shelves.

“It marries up really well with all the things that Lowe’s stands for,” said Dodd.