ToughBuilt GelFit Rocker Knee Pads


ToughBuilt says the GelFit Rocker Knee Pads redefine how professionals use their pads. 

The patented knee pad system allows the hard Rocker SnapShell to be removed entirely or interchanged with other SnapShells. This allows the user the ability to create the exact knee pad to fit every job.

Hard-wearing, shatter-resistant SnapShell protects the knee on the roughest terrain while enabling easy side-to-side movement. 

An ergonomic gel and foam design embrace the natural shape of the knee and upper shin, maximizing pressure distribution for all-day comfort. High side walls greatly reduce twisting off of the knee. EVA elastic leg straps comfortably hold their place without cutting off circulation or binding behind the knee. 

Rugged materials and construction make these reliable Knee Pads withstand the most rigorous working conditions.