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Throwback Thursday: E-commerce Pioneers

Whatever happened to The August 2000 issue of NHCN has the answer.

BY HBSDealer Staff

At the recent turn of the century, the e-retailing business was bubbling. Some would call it frothy. And of course, not every well-conceived plan achieved dot-com gold.

By the time the August 2000 issue of National Home Center News, hit newsstands, the shakeout had begun. The magazine, the forerunner of HBSDealer, reported the demise of two pioneering companies that never made it to the promised land:, and The headline: “Two e-tailers fade to black” captured the heart of the story. was described as one of the first online home improvement stores to go live. It began its run in 1998 as, “the home improvement superstore.” The company’s effort to pivot in June 200 into a full-service online supplier catering to remodelers and small contractors failed to stick. Ultimately, the company was folded into

Today, the web address brings one to a UK-based technology company. took a different path to the digital graveyard. The Austin, Texas-based company sold furniture, lighting, rugs and decor. Feeling pressure in May 2000, the company agreed to pay Amazon $145 million for the rights to fulfill all orders in a “Home Living” store on Amazon’s Web site. But a few weeks later, the company shed 50 employees, and it discontinued operations later that year.

Today, brings one to the Discovery channel.

The year 2000 article also included interesting analysis from Sean Curry, who was chief operating officer of That web site was steadily thriving by emphasizing traditional business best practices. Curry explained: “We didn’t give away the house, we didn’t’ offer free shipping, we didn’t go crazy advertising ourselves,” he said. We are running a sustainable and profitable slow-growing business. Looking back, we’re so glad we didn’t get any venture capital and ride the fast train.” automatically redirects to the home page of Curry Ace Hardware, operators of three stores in Massachusetts.

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b.jones says:
Jul-31-2018 04:56 am

Not doing ventures and doing a slow growing business is I think a far better way of doing business rather than giving free shipments or offers and things like those.I can totally relate to curry.WilliamJacket



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