Throwback Thursday: planting the eSeed

Twenty years ago, digital competition grew in the lawn and garden space.
Screen shots from 20 years ago, from left: PlanetGarden and Seedland.

The July 16, 2001 issue of National Home Center News, the forerunner of HBSDealer, included a headline with an optimistic tone: “Lawn and garden e-tailing may take root after all.”

That optimism existed even as went defunct, and was bought up by Today, exists as a division of TabCom LLC.

Twenty years ago, the NHCN article included an ambitious quote from the leader of “Our vision is to become the internet’s home gardening lifestyle superbrand with a strong financial model,” said mySeasons President and CEO Barry Marchessault.

That vision did not materialize. The address now brings the shopper to Spring Hill Nursery.

Two other fledlgling eCommerce brands that featured in the 2001 article were and

Today, the planetgarden URL address arrives at a dead end. But the web site continues to operate.