Technology to keep on trucking


The founder of a GPS tracking system says the distribution business is going through some changes.

Truck drivers are essential workers who have operated through the crisis, often under a great deal of pressure, says Andrew Chermark, founder of Smart Fleet, a GPS tracking and management system company. And they have taken on increased importance during the pandemic.

“The important work truckers do has been emphasized as they have been out day and night delivering PPE, food and essential products to all," he said.

Initially used for security purposes, to locate stolen vehicles or assets, GPS systems have evolved into a productivity tool. Today, as the economy is reeling from the pandemic, ways to be more efficient have taken on added importance, and that is what Smart Fleet specializes in.

Safety has a huge impact on the success of a company.
Andrew Chermark

Chermark claims that Smart Fleet provides benefits such as real-time visibility and reporting, improved productivity and customer service, reduced fuel costs, preventative maintenance, as well as extended idle alerts.

“Our customers report that our products give the security of knowing where vehicles are at all times and help save money on gas by creating alerts to help curb idling,” says Chermark.

A new feature allows drivers to view their Driver Reward scorecard on their phones and the points they have received for avoiding speeding, idling, hard braking or sudden acceleration, and compare how they rank compared to colleagues. They can then redeem the points for gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks.

The product also emphasizes safety.

"Safety has a huge impact on the success of a company. We have found that when companies reduce accidents, their insurance rates go down, and productivity increases," he says. "A safety incentive program helps reduces losses organizations experience from accidents and is especially critical in a time like this."