Sun Joe chain saw

Reach tight tree spots with 5-inch cordless chain saw from tool maker.
Sun Joe 5-inch pruning saw
The Sun Joe iON+ cordless 5-inch pruning saw.

Sun Joe eco-friendly 5-inch cordless handheld chain saw with 24-volt iON+ battery system cuts through overgrown branches up to 4.5 inches, said the firm.

“The 230-watt brushless motor cuts quicker, cleaner and quieter, so consumers can easily maintain their trees’ health, improve their yard’s appearance, and avoid safety issues like falling limbs,” said Paul Riley, Jr., COO at parent company Snow Joe.

The battery technology, said the firm, boasts no-fade power and performance from start to finish, so tools can run stronger, longer.

The individual battery cells are continuously optimized for peak performance, with No Memory Effect during recharge.

The company said the saw has, “a rugged, shock-resistant design for longer life, and zero emissions for cleaner air. Plus, it's virtually maintenance-free, and the iON+ batteries are interchangeable, powering over 100+ tools across the Joe brands.”

The saw also includes a 0.7 fluid ounce oil bottle and built-in safety features like the riving knife to prevent kickback, a knuckle-guard handle, and a safety switch to avoid accidental starts.

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