Simpson Strong-Tie SET-3G anchoring adhesive is code listed


Simpson Strong-Tie announced today that its SET-3G high-strength epoxy anchoring adhesive is code listed for anchoring installations in submerged holes and in saturated concrete or water-filled holes. 

Formulated to yield superior performance in threaded rod anchor and rebar dowel installations in cracked and uncracked concrete, SET-3G high-strength anchoring adhesive is the latest innovation in epoxy anchoring adhesives from Simpson Strong-Tie. 

The two-component, one-to-one-ratio, epoxy-based anchoring adhesive formula dispenses in a uniform gray color to match surrounding concrete surfaces and can be easily installed in downward, horizontal and overhead orientations. 

In addition to providing exceptional bond strength, SET-3G adhesive has been proven to outperform other products on the market. SET-3G is code listed to work with the Speed Clean DXS dust extraction system, which saves hole preparation time and complies with updated OSHA Silica Dust Compliance Regulations to keep workers safe from hazardous airborne dust.

“When a project requires underwater anchor installation or if weather may impede progress on a job, SET-3G provides contractors with the flexibility and versatility to continue their job,” said Simpson Strong-Tie Market Segment Manager for concrete construction products Corey Clark. “Now code listed for underwater applications, SET-3G delivers ease of installation in the best and worst environmental conditions.”

Available in three cartridge sizes, SET-3G adhesive has been thoroughly tested in accordance with ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria for Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements (AC308) and ACI 355.4 for use in cracked and uncracked normal-weight and lightweight concrete. Additional features of SET-3G high-strength epoxy anchoring adhesive include:

  • Qualifies for use in structures assigned to Seismic Design Categories A through F;
  • Provides exceptional performance and excellent bond strengths in all applications;
  • Code listed for use in submerged, water-filled, damp and dry holes;
  • Delivers improved sustained load performance at elevated temperatures;
  • Can be specified for in-service temperatures ranging from –40°F (–40°C) to 176°F (80°C);
  • Recognized per ICC-ES for use in anchoring all types of threaded rods (including stainless), rebar and post-installed rebar development and splice length installations.


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