Self-checkout comes to Aubuchon

The Aubuchon Company will implement in-store self-checkout later in 2023.
Aubuchon Company self-checkout prototype
The design and build of the first hardware cabinet prototype at the Aubuchon Company.

Self-checkout is coming to the Aubuchon Company.

“We plan to implement the first in-store self-checkout by the end of 2023,” said the Aubuchon Company.

Their first self-checkout prototype has already been built.

“These will be piloted in our higher volume locations that have the space to displace a register or have room to install an additional one,” said the Aubuchon Company.

Neal DeLowery, store projects and merchandising manager at the Aubuchon Company, developed the idea, and was awarded the best-in-class business improvement project at the North American Hardware and Paint Association 2022 Retail Management Certification Program where he recently presented it.

DeLowery’s vision, said the Aubuchon Company, “was to develop, test and execute multiple versions of customer driven checkouts to create a dynamic shopping experience of convenience, choice, safety, and speed.”

The objective of DeLowery’s project was to release payroll dollars from an unassisted customer task, which in this case is ringing the register, and reallocate these hours to various tasks throughout the company.

“Once the customer has arrived at the checkout, we are no longer adding value to the basket and the transaction has simply become a cost point of operations,” he said.

By providing a dual checkout option, “we can offer the consumer the choice they desire while still delivering world class customer service outside of, and at the point of purchase.” said DeLowery.

“As the costs of doing business rise, we need to be relentless about pursuing efficiencies and productivity. Self-checkout is just one piece of the puzzle.” said DeLowery.

Shifting focus back to the customer before they reach the point of sale, said the Aubuchon Company, “will strengthen our goal to always offer world class customer service.

Founded by William E. Aubuchon, Sr., in 1908, the Aubuchon Company, which operates 112 stores in eight states, said it is the oldest and largest family-owned hardware store chain in America.

William E. Aubuchon, IV, president and CEO, said the purpose of the Aubuchon Company is to, “serve those who depend on us and build on our heritage with passion and humility.