Rock Patch from Daich Coatings

Designed to make it easier to fill holes, cracks and pitted surfaces.
Rock Patch is made with a tough, ploymer/stone formula.

Rock Patch filler, level and resurfacer from Daich Coatings is hitting the market with a proposition to make it easier to level surfaces.

“Whether you need to fill cracks and holes on concrete walkways or smooth out the surface of a garage floor before recoating, Rock Patch is the solution,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “This odorless product has flexibility to it and can be worked with slowly. It doesn’t dry quickly like concrete. Take your time to smooth it into the location you wish to repair. Then let it dry to create a rock hard surface.”

 Rock Patch completely resurfaces the area needed, forming a firm bond to the underlayment. The dry Rock Patch finish is impact, salt and moisture resistant.

Made with a tough polymer/stone formula, the pre-mixed compound comes out of the container ready to use. The cement-free product requires no messy mixing and can be used as a prep work step on both interior and exterior surfaces. Simply pop the lid, stir and apply.

Suitable for both DIY home projects and large-scale industrial projects, Rock Patch is the ideal starting solution for cracked, broken surfaces before beginning covering projects with other Daich Coatings products. In addition to spot fixes, Rock Patch can be used as a full surface base for floor paints, decorative coatings, linoleum and more. It can also be used as a flooring and be left “as is” once sealed.

 “Because Rock Patch stands up to hot tires and foot traffic, it can be used as an entire floor covering,” says Daich. “As with any project, the key to success is preparation. For spot repairs, the crack, hole or pitted area should be clean, dry and free from debris before applying the product.

Normal cure time is 24 hours for Rock Patch. Dry times should be increased when the product is applied thick or in damp, cool conditions.

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