Quikrete Industry Dashboard, Week 14

Confidence index, unemployment rate, gas prices and more.
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The latest edition of the Quikrete Industry Dashboard has the dials of the Consumer Watch twirling with new data.

The average price of a gallon of gas nationally rose 16 cents since March 1, and has increased 90 cents since April 1 of last year.

Consumer Confidence, as reported by the Conference Board, increased anyway: up to an index of 109.7 (1985=100). That’s up from 90.4 in the previous month, but down from 118.8 in March 2020 (just as the pandemic was taking off.)

On Friday morning, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a downward trend in unemployment. The March figure of 6.0% marked a decline from 6.2% in the prior month. The highlight of the jobs report was a gain of 110,000 in the construction sector. 

Coming next to the Dashboard: Residential construction data will be reported by the Commerce Department on April 16.