Quikrete Industry Dashboard: Monthly sales

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The latest version of the Quikrete Industry Dashboard reveals mixed results in the monthly sales department. The unadjusted data supplied by the Census Bureau estimates August 2021 sales for NAICS 444, building supply and garden suppliers, at $39.9 billion. That’s down from July 2021, but up from August 2020. 

The Hardware store subset (NAICS 44413) is down for both the year and the month in July, the latest month for which data is available. 

Elsewhere on the Quikrete Industry Dashboard, the hot Stock Roundup is cooling off slightly. All 10 sticker symbols ae ahead of last year’s prices by anywhere from 10% to 65%. But three stocks and also the Dow Jones Industrial Average are in negative territory for the month.

Gas prices are holding steady at $3.19 for a gallon of regular, according to the American Automobile Association’s tally of the national average.

Coming soon to the Quikrete Industry Dashboard: an update on residential construction is slated for Sept. 21. Existing home sales will come out the following day.