Quikrete Industry Dashboard: Jobs and stocks

A slight improvement in the unemployment rate highlights a quiet week of stats
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The latest edition of the Quikrete Industry Dashboard shows continued year-over-year gains for industry stocks, combined with several monthly declines of the same.

Contrasting with recent weeks, only three companies of the 10 tracked are ahead of their position a month ago. Still, all 10 are up over last year – and BECN and DE are up more than 100%.

The other adjustment after a relatively quiet week of industry stats is the improvement in the jobless rate, which fell to 5.8%, down from 6.1%. 

The U.S. Bureau of labor statistics added this color: 

“Construction employment edged down in May (-20,000), reflecting a job loss in nonresidential specialty trade contractors (-17,000). Employment in construction is 225,000 lower than in February 2020.”

And also: “In May, employment in leisure and hospitality increased by 292,000, as pandemic-related restrictions continued to ease in some parts of the country.”

Next up for the Quikrete Industry Dashboard: Monthly sales for NAICS 444 will be released on June 15.