Quikrete Industry Dashboard

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The latest version of the Quikrete Industry Dashboard shows Lowe’s and Tractor Supply Company ahead of the field on the HBSDealer Stock Roundup. Share prices of the two retailers show big gains compared to a year ago, and are also ahead of their price last month. 

Unfortunately, the majority of stocks on the quadrant have lost ground for the month, and three stocks are down for the month and the year.   

Meanwhile, the American Automobile Association reported the national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has increased to $2.20. That’s 13 cents higher than the previous month, and 55 cents below last year’s reading.

It was a relatively quiet week for housing and home improvement data. But the dashboard will heat up with activity soon. The Commerce Department will release monthly sales on July 15, and it will release residential construction data on July 16.