TAMKO provides safer modeling tech

New Shingle Styles Visualizer provides roof visualizations, 3D models, and accurate measurement reports.

BY HBSDealer Staff

TAMKO Building Products launched new measurement and 3D modeling technology on its site to offer contractors and dealers solutions for continuing business while practicing social distancing.

The new functionality of TAMKO’s Shingle Styles Visualizer enables customers to order realistic roof visualizations, 3D models, and accurate roof measurement reports powered by EagleView technology.

The system is now available to TAMKO customers at a discount and no need for a monthly subscription.

Information available on TAMKO’s Shingle Styles Visualizer includes roof dimensions, areas, slopes, roof squares, and other vital information, enabling a contact-free process for design, estimation and bidding.

TAMKO’s Shingle Styles Visualizer provides 3D modeling and precise measurements.

“Virtual technology like this is more important than ever,” said Stephen McNally, TAMKO’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We are developing new resources for our contractors and dealers to help them operate and grow their businesses during this difficult time.”

This upgraded platform unifies photorealistic design visualizations, 3D interactive models, and precise roofing measurements powered by EagleView in a single project-planning interface that can be digitally shared between a contractor, dealer and the homeowner. This eliminates the need for in-person sales visits.

TAMKO also said that its Shingle Styles Visualizer is quicker, safer, and more accurate for contractors and homeowners, and provides more confidence in roof design for homeowners, and fewer change requests for contractors.

The new all-in-one TAMKO solution built on Renoworks FastTrack can be found at where TAMKO customers can order roof reports and design their roofing projects in both photo-realistic and 3D visualizations.

“Renoworks provides a critical technology that TAMKO can put in the hands of roofers and dealers to help homeowners plan their roofing projects,” said Doug Vickerson, CEO of Renoworks. “In the current global environment where social distancing has become a necessity, this timely solution also provides a virtual sales tool that facilitates a ‘touchless’ roof replacement bidding process.”





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