QPR provides fast solution to asphalt repair

QPR (Quality Asphalt Repair) is getting rehabilitated roads, driveways, parking lots, utility cuts and other surfaces exposed to vehicle traffic open in minutes rather than hours with its new QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair. 

Ready-to-use out of 20-pounds buckets, QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair is appropriate for any pothole or crack wider than one inch. 

After removing all debris, the user can pour the QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair from the pothole or crack, spread evenly with a rake, and then activate the material by saturating with water. Once the QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair stops absorbing the water, it can be firmly packed with a tamper.

According to QPR, the patch will set hard in one hour, but traffic can return to the surface almost immediately after the repair is completed. QPR Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair requires no bonding agent and can be used in all weather conditions.

“Our Fast-Setting Asphalt Pavement Repair not only works quickly, you won’t have to come back and refill the same pothole in the future, which is a common complaint with other products,” said Don Nathan, general manager or QPR. “We worked with state DOTs and contractors to develop a best-in-class material that combines the consistency and workability of hot asphalt with a superior set time, cure time and durability. It’s also solvent-free and environmentally-friendly, making it ideal for both commercial and do-it-yourself projects.”

QPR is part of the Quikrete lineup of companies.