PPG steel coating gets certification

PPG’s PSX paint coatings receive certification for corrosion protection of steel structures.
PPG PSX coatings
PPG PSX polysiloxane coatings receive certification for corrosion protection of steel structures. (Photo: Business Wire)

PPG announced that its PPG PSX™ polysiloxane coatings have been tested successfully by an independent, third-party laboratory to the requirements for C4H (or high C4) certification under the ISO 12944-6:2018 international standard for corrosion protection of steel structures by paint systems.

PPG’s patented PSXcoatings use a polysiloxane resin technology from Dow to provide long-term corrosion, weathering and chemical resistance in exposed steel applications, including stadiums, arenas, water towers and hospitals foyers, with fewer coats than traditional systems. 

“C4H certification is a significant achievement for the PPG PSX coating portfolio,” said Scott Doering, director of sales and technical service, protective and marine coatings, U.S. at PPG.

“It confirms the long-term protection these products can offer for steel assets in even very challenging conditions with fewer coats. We’re proud to offer customers this unique combination of high performance with lower environmental impacts,” said Doering.

Because of these performance capabilities, specifying a PPG PSX coating can result in material cost savings, less energy-intensive production and application, and fewer recoats over time.

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PPG PSX 700 and PPG PSX 805 coatings that are applied directly onto metal in a single coat demonstrated corrosion resistance that meets high C4 requirements, which estimate a durability range of 15 to 25 years.

In addition to requiring fewer coats to achieve the same level of protection as alternative systems, PPG PSX coatings are ultra-high solids and isocyanate-free to meet the most stringent environmental emissions regulations.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PPG develops and delivers, “the paints, coatings and specialty materials that our customers have trusted for nearly 140 years. We operate and innovate in more than 75 countries and reported net sales of $16.8 billion in 2021.”