PPG launches collection for shed builder market

PPG says the new Aquacron color palette expands options for shed builders, consumers.
a large lawn in front of a house

Paint and coatings giant PPG has introduced a new selection of hues for its PPG Aquacron shed coatings portfolio.

The complete color collection is designed for sheds, playhouses, gardens, and backyard studios. 

Developed with input from shed manufacturers and buyers, the new collection reflects today’s consumer preferences for color while embracing the emerging role color plays in the consumer decision-making process, PPG said.

“At PPG, we know that consumers will often make a purchase decision based on color selection and availability,” said Ruthanne Hanlon, PPG national color and design manager. “Backed by our more than 135 years of industry-leading expertise, we created a color palette that appeals to today’s consumers, who often want a hue that correlates with the purpose of their shed, or complements the color of their home. Ultimately, this color collection will help eliminate the guesswork for customers.”

An online, interactive color selector tool has also been created in conjunction with