Poll results: Vaccination mandates

Readers respond; plus the NLBMDA shares deep-dive survey results.

In the face of another wave of infections and hospitalizations, many businesses are implementing or considering policies that require employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment. 

Here are the results to the latest HBSDealer poll question.

Would you object to a company-wide mandatory-vaccine policy? 

Source: HBSDealer poll question. (n=556)

Meanwhile, the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association, explored the hot topic with a survey of its national membership.

Additional background: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's plans to issue an Emergency Temporary Standard to require companies with 100 or more employees to either a) ensure full vaccination; or b) test unvaccinated employees on a weekly basis.

Clearly, those conditions raise concerns among employers with 100 or more employees. Those range from the cost of weekly testing, the possible loss of employees, the additional administrative burdens, and general business disruptions.

The NLBMDA survey results showed strong opposition to the Biden Administration plan. The following charts illustrate responses from employers with 100 or more employees:

Do you support President Biden's SHA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for employers with 100+ employees and weekly testing for non-vaccinated employees?

shape, rectangle
Source: NLBMDA (n=155)

Will the new vaccine mandate result in a negative impact to your business and the ability to retain employees?

shape, rectangle
Source: NLBMDA (n=155)

Some respondents to the NLBMDA supported the new mandates. Reasons cited include the benefits of having a fully vaccinated staff and less resources spent on COVID recovery, sick leave, and contact tracing. 

In the NLBMDA survey, the majority—75% of all respondents—support the NLBMDA taking a policy position against the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard.

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