Poll results: Military veterans on the job

We asked about hiring practices. Here’s what we learned.

In the latest HBSDealer poll question, a majority of respondents shared that their companies are actively recruiting – either formally through job placement programs, or informally — military veterans to join their staffs.

But it was a slim majority: 51 percent.

As the labor market continues to run tight, and as companies in this industry continue to support veterans causes (such as here, and here), we asked for our readers to describe if and how they actively. Recruit military veterans to join their companies.

Here are the results:

How, if at all, does your company recruit military veterans?

A) We actively work with military job placement programs; 3%
B) We actively seek out veterans in informal ways; 35%
C) Both A and B; 14%
D) Neither A nor B; 49%

(Source: HBSDealer poll question, N=72.)

The poll remains active. Click here to add your vote to the total.