Poll results: Inflationary reactions

Customers are responding in a number of ways to higher prices.

Rising prices keep rising, according to the latest data. The Personal Consumption Price Index, a closely watched inflation metric, is at its highest rate since January of 1982.

On Friday, the PCE index increased a full 1 percent, exceeding Wall Street’s consensus forecast. The measure of the change in prices of goods and services bought by consumers increased 6.8 percent in June.

While gas prices have come down from the $5 level a month ago to a still troubling $4.28, at last measure (of the AAA’s national average of a gallon of regular), many economists are in worry mode. 

What about this industry’s customers? Are they changing behavior – in either the business-to-business or business-to-consumer transactions? HBSDealer’s latest poll question tackled that question.

How are your customers reacting to price inflation?

Source: HBSDealer Poll Question, n=164

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