PGT unveils new glass technology

In collaboration with Corning, lighter and larger glass.

North Venice, Fla.-based PGT Innovations announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Corning Incorporated to produce next-generation glass technology beginning this year. 

The two products produced by the collaboration to date are PGT Innovations’ Thin Triple Insulated Glass Unit (Thin Triple IGU) and Diamond Glass, both featuring Corning Architectural Technical Glass (ATG).

Thin Triple IGU uses two outer panes of traditional glass with an internal pane of ultra-thin Corning ATG. Thin Triple IGU aligns with new energy and efficiency values under the Inflation Reduction Act and Energy Star Version 7 guidelines. Diamond Glass, a laminated ultra-lightweight glass, weighs up to 45% less and is three times more scratch resistant than traditional laminated glass. Diamond Glass technology, set to become the standard glass used within PGT Innovations’ WinDoor product portfolio, can be used for laminated or laminated insulated windows or doors. 

With the launch of PGT Innovations’ Thin Triple IGU featuring ATG, the company will be the first manufacturer in the U.S. window and door market to offer such a product. Additionally, PGT Innovations will be the exclusive supplier of impact-resistant windows and doors featuring Diamond Glass for use in residential and mixed-use buildings in the U.S. 

“This new technology is extremely exciting and is the result of the PGT Innovations and Corning teams working together to overcome many technical hurdles,” stated Bob Keller, Senior Vice President of Customer Strategy and Innovation for PGT Innovations. “In doing so, we have been able to reach very large sizes of glass that achieve the outstanding performance required to meet Miami-Dade testing standards, while also substantially reducing the weight of the finished products. This reduction in weight translates to less fuel consumption during transportation, an easier install process for dealers, and less effort for homeowners to operate their windows and doors.”

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