At PDIS 2022: The supply chain and building better builder relations

Supply chain expert Ken Pinto will discuss how to transform builder transactions and interactions at the 2022 ProDealer Industry Summit.
Ken Pinto PDIS 2022
Ken Pinto

Supply chain disruptions and materials shortages are two of the biggest challenges affecting today’s industry. 

At the 2022 ProDealer Industry Summit, Ken Pinto's April 1 keynote session will offer a primer on ushering in a new way of doing business, where builders provide SKUs and Date Needed data 30, 60, 90 days ahead of time. 

Hear details from Pinto on how to supply chain issues as an agent of change that can be utilized to transform builder transactions and interactions.

With more than 40 years of construction experience, first as a tradesman, then as a supply chain manager, Pinto's passion to lower construction costs cemented his relations with suppliers.

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He now runs an international supply chain solutions company and trains builders and suppliers how to work together to lower each other’s costs while helping both homeownership and the industry to thrive.

Pinto is also the author of How Much Is the Milk? Uncovering Your Greatest Cost Savings in Residential Construction by Listening to Your Suppliers.

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