Palmer-Donavin makes leadership moves

The distributor and manufacturer has given new roles to Caleb Grothaus and Dave Wall.
Palmer Donavin Caleb and Dave
Caleb Grothaus and Dave Wall have been assigned newly created roles at the Ohio-based Palmer-Donavin.

Palmer-Donavin has announced two new roles to support its growing sales and operations teams. 

This month, Caleb Grothaus assumed the new role of director of business development. Additionally, Dave Wall was promoted to the new position of regional director of distribution.

“The Director of Business Development is a role we developed during our strategic planning process and will give us the ability to grow in markets that we don’t serve today and ensure we are providing the right services, products, and programs our dealers are looking for,” said Matt Kaufman, vice president of sales at Palmer-Donavin.

The new position, regional director of distribution, is responsible for daily operations at all five building material locations.

“In this role, Dave will work closely with the team to troubleshoot, create solutions, and continue improving processes and the next-day delivery service,” said Tom Bartlett, vice president of operations at Palmer-Donavin. “This new position was created so we can put more effort into improving our processes and focusing on service to our dealers.”

Palmer-Donavin operates 8 facilities in the Midwest and services customers in 11 states. Based in Grove City, Ohio, the company distributes and manufactures building materials.

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