Paladin Data Corp. announces summer 2020 release

Kenneth Clark
Editor in Chief
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Paladin Data Corporation announced the rollout of its Summer 2020 Release which contains new features and integrations that enable retailers to streamline operations and optimize new customer demand.

Unlike many retail technology companies that require clients to frequently purchase updates, Paladin regularly rolls out new features, integrations and enhancements to its client base so they are always operating on the latest version. This philosophy ensures Paladin clients are at forefront of innovation and their business networks are running securely, reliably and optimally.

The Summer 2020 Release contains: 

New integrations 

• FastBound – The integration with FastBound simplifies the complicated process of selling firearms and ammunition by making inventory tracking, record-keeping and federal compliance automatic.  

• QuickBooks Online – QuickBooks makes accounting easy and the integration with QuickBooks Online makes keeping and managing financial information seamless.  

Mobile Devices and Apps

• Touch Dynamic Quest III – The power of Paladin is now available anywhere on business networks with this agile 10-inch Windows tablet. It allows users to do everything from checking and ordering inventory to checking out a customer. It runs Office 365 and other Windows programs and features a barcode scanner and both chip and swipe credit card readers. It also connects a store’s database, printers and more via Wi-Fi.

• Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 – Sell anytime, anywhere with a cellular signal through the Mobile2 suite of applications with this compact 8-inch tablet. Collect signatures and process payments inside or out with the weather-resistant S Pen and screen.

• Mobile2Checkout is an app designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Android devices. It can now recall quotes and show sale prices for standard pricing plans.

New features 

• Help Request Portal – The new built in portal automatically identifies a business account and provides unique information about its equipment, system configuration, along with any features or integrations. This allows the support team to more quickly troubleshoot and resolve inquiries.

• Thousand Board Feet pricing – Stores can view item prices and costs in thousand board feet (MBF), thousand square feet (MSF), or TON units in inventory or when they are sold. Although prices appear in the alternate units, they are still sold by the piece.

• Square Footage calculator – Paladin has long provided tools that simplify the often-complicated process of selling lumber and building materials. The newest tool—the Square Footage Calculator—helps stores sell items in both varying lengths and widths.