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Poll question: Shortages in the supply chain

Weekly survey turns to the topic of supply-chain shortages.

Poll results: Rescue Plan response

Little support for the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Click here for all 592 pages of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Here's what we heard from readers about future-friendly retail features.

The future is coming. Help us predict what it will look like.

Not many vaccinations have been reported by poll participants.

To what extent are your company's employees vaccinated?

Results show room for improvement when it comes to leveraging data.

The weekly survey looks at the proliferation of data, and our ability to handle it.

Here are the results to the HBSDealer reader poll on the proposed $15 minimum wage.

To what extent do you support (or not) a $15 minimum wage?

More business are budgeting for gas price hikes.

This week's poll question: Are you budgeting for higher gas prices?

Majority of respondents say they will not participate in the new round of PPP loans.

A $1.9 trillion economic stimulus proposal is on the drawing board.

Take our survey. We want to hear your voice.

Will your business pursue a PPP loan in 2021?

Majority or respondents say "retail bypass" is growing.

Majority of readers feel frontline employees should be fast-tracked for vaccinations.

Should retail frontline employees be fast tracked?

The majority of respondents predict gains for offsite construction in 2021

An approach to winning: Entrepreneurial, Efficient and (E)nspirational.

Do you see offsite construction accelerating in 2021?

How has the shop-local movement fared during the pandemic? Here are the results.

How has the shop-local movement fared during the pandemic?

Maintenance, repair and operations generate growing interest.

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