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Poll question: Are they shopping local in 2020?

How has the shop-local movement fared during the pandemic?

Poll results: MRO and you

Maintenance, repair and operations generate growing interest.

Just how big is Maintenance, Repair and Operations for your business?.

The plurality of respondents describes talk of vaccine developments as 'exciting.'

Some people are optimistic about the potential for a speedy development of a vaccine. Are you?

Industry leaders share lessons learned from successful careers.

A minority of businesses prepared for post-election civil disturbances. Here are the numbers.

Did your business prepare for election-related civil disturbance?

The numbers show the industry isn't too worked up over political differences.

Does your company have military veterans in leadership positions?

Steel could emerge as a more competitive alternative to wood framing.

Could steel framing become an attractive alternative to wood?

Is Google a monopoly that should be regulated?

Football is popular, but nearly a third of respondents aren't watching sports at all.

Football is back. So are other sports. What are you watching?

After a mega deal in the LBM ranks, are more billion-dollar deals to come?

Survey shows there's a high percentage of right-now investments.

When will your business make its next investment in ecommerce capabilities?

Channeling inspiration from Coach Norman Dale and Herb Brooks.

The news is full of economic statistics: which metrics matter most to you?

A majority of readers say they have plenty of coins.


The global pandemic has had an effect on U.S. currency.

Half of all respondents require masks for customers and employees.

What is your store’s official policy on face coverings?

A plurality of respondents say they'd rather not travel, but they would.

Remaining in stock is top-of-mind for operating in a pandemic.

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