New legislation could address truck labor shortages and supply chain issues.
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According to the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA), a bipartisan group of House lawmakers recently introduced the Safer Highways and Increased Performance for Interstate Trucking (SHIP IT) Act (H.R.471).

The NLBMDA said the legislation addresses truck labor shortages and supply chain issues for delivering freight by increasing shipping capacity, lessening burdens on truck drivers, and providing incentives to recruit and retain new drivers. 

Disruptions in the trucking supply chain continue to drive up costs and create uncertainty for American businesses, the NLBMDA noted. 

“We need to recruit, train and retain truck drivers to keep our supply chain moving, while also updating best practices to improve trucking to fit our modern economy,” the NLBMDA said in a prepared statement.

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The SHIP IT Act provides commonsense trucking reforms that:

  • Allows states to issue special permits for overweight vehicles and loads during supply chain emergencies.
  • Allows truck drivers to apply for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act grants.
  • Recruits new truck drivers to enter the workforce through targeted and temporary tax credits.
  • Streamlines the CDL process, making it easier for states and third parties to administer CDL tests.
  • Expands access to truck parking and rest facilities for commercial drivers.

NLBMDA members are encouraged to use the link below to contact their elected officials and ask them to cosponsor and pass the SHIP IT Act.

Members can contact their lawmakers here.