Night lighting gets a glow-up

Jasco expands its Enbrighten Wi-Fi product line with color changing lighting accoutrements.
Jasco Enbrighten

Consumer electronics and lighting company, Jasco, announced a major expansion for its Enbrighten Wi-Fi smart home product line.

“Our focus is to use smart home devices to make life easier. The Enbrighten Wi-Fi line offers homeowners flexible control for every season with smart color changing lighting that delivers automated outdoor ambiance year-round,” said Jasco CEO Cameron Trice.

With one of the fastest growing smart home lines in the market today, said Jasco, the products give homeowners maximum control, both inside and out, with the following products available:

  • Outdoor – Café lights, landscape lights, plugs and security lights.
  • Indoor – In-wall switches, bulbs, plugs and flex lights.
  • Power – Surge protectors, extension cords and wall taps.

Products unique to the Enbrighten Wi-Fi line include a six-outlet yard stake, along with the Enbrighten Wi-Fi Café Lights, which allow users customization. With 62 color options including six shades of white light, along with effects that can be layered onto each custom combinations, users can create nearly endless presets to give their homes a glow-up.

“As more people take on home improvement projects, we know smart home upgrades play a key role in modernizing the home,” said Trice.

Jasco logo

With each device controlled through the Enbrighten Wi-Fi app, users can automate schedules to have maximum control over their homes, the company said, with the app projected to surpass half a million downloads this month.

The ecosystem, which originally featured both indoor and outdoor plugs, has now grown to include in-wall switches, bulbs, color changing lighting, and power products like extension cords and surge protectors, said the company.

Founded in Oklahoma City in 1975, privately held Jasco Products Company develops comprehensive lineups of home automation, lighting, security, home entertainment, power and mobility products.

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