Trucking survey: Where’s the data?

According to a recent industry-wide survey conducted by Fleet Advantage, many of today’s delivery fleets are not using data and business intelligence to see how their strategies measure up.

About 26% of fleet executives said their current software analysis platform does not combine financial and operations data together. Another 48% said their current platform does not provide benchmarking reports for the industry or other similar fleets.

When it comes to P&L statements, the survey revealed that 62% of respondents did not have access or were unsure if their platform produced the data. Additionally, 30% said they did not have access to reports and analysis of data.

“What this survey shows is that many fleet executives today are still lacking access to a complete picture of data and analysis from sophisticated business intelligence tools that help everyone across the organization make critical decisions to operate more efficiently and lower bottom line costs,” said Jim Griffin, chief operations officer and chief technology officer for Fleet Advantage.

Nearly 80% of respondents agree that access to better reporting in an easy-to-use fashion would lead to better decision-making for their fleets. More than a quarter (28%) said their fleet management resource does not provide executive summaries that can be shared with others, and another 14% said they don’t have the functionality to provide such reports from one simple, easy-to-use tool.

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