Transparency and leadership in LBM

Hiring the best candidates goes far beyond the job interview.

BY Andy Carlo

SACRAMENTO – Business transparency can be a strong driver of success for both a company and employees, according to Tony Misura.

Misura – the president of Misura Group, the Hudson, Wis.-based firm that recruits and places LBM talent – discussed financial transparency with a room full of pro dealer executives at the 2019 West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association Annual Convention.

According to Misura, transparency in the financials, goals and achievements of a business provides employees with a scorecard of their efforts and a company’s performance.

“If you don’t have transparency then how do you know if you are winning or not?,” asked the audience. “Employees find out at the end of the year? They don’t find out how the company is doing until after they get fired?”

Tony Misura from the Misura Group discusses hiring practices with members of the WCLBMA.

Pointing to research data, Misura said that just 34% of employees are actually fully engaged at their jobs while 66% are not engaged – meaning they aren’t getting the full picture of what is actually happening at their workplace. But Misura warned that the latest workforce generation – Millenials – want information and answers.

“This generation is demanding,” he said.

In addition to providing employees with their personal performance contributions to the company, Misura strongly supports 360-degree reviews, which allow employees to receive feedback from coworkers.

The reviews can also be used by ownership and management to help determine the size and quality of their talent pool. Misura said that employers often don’t always fully realize the full class and talents of their employees.

Misura told dealers that their people can be their greatest asset. Employees drive connections and success.

Misura also reminded the audience that by the time a company faces retention issues, it’s too late — quality talent has already left the building for good.

“You need to create a talent value proposition, understand what you’re people need, and provide them with that,” Misura explained. “If you can do that, you will be a magnet for the best talent in the industry.”


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