Tracking the impact on products

Principia examines the impact on building product demand.

BY Principia Consulting

Job sites and building product shipments are reacting to the growing coronavirus outbreak. Clearly, some areas are affected more than others. And Principia Consulting says it is tracking the developments.

Principia’s estimate of supplier revenue across eight building product categories within its BuilderSeries suite of online data tools was $56 billion prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, with 10 states with an above average case load (more than 1,600 cases) accounting for $22 billion of building products demand.

The research firm’s state-level analysis comparing demand data with confirmed case data highlights differences in potential virus impact by product category and between new construction versus repair & remodel, Principia says.

As the company’s chart shows Texas has the highest estimated demand for building products, and a low incidence of cases. Of course, the situation could change quickly.

A few major takeaways include:

  • States with above average case load make up 42% of remodeling and repair demand compared to 33% for new construction;
  • Decking has the highest percentage of its demand in states with an above average case load at 48%; roofing has the lowest at 33%;
  • High case levels are likely to impact construction activity even in the absence of formal government prohibitions.

For more information and for interactive charts, click here.


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