Throwback Thursday: Golden at 84


The January 2006 issue of Home Cannel News, the forerunner of HBSDealer, dedicated considerable coverage to the Golden Anniversary of 84 Lumber.

Here’s the introduction from page 7 of the special report, word for word:

“Sometimes a formula can be tried, true, and dynamic, all in one breath. This sums up the 84 Lumber story. As it enters its 50th year of business, the largest privately held pro dealer in the United States sticks to what it does best -- selling lumber and building materials to pros. But this company is far from being uninspired; 84 Lumber keeps things simple and sticks to its traditions.”

“The 84 Lumber story is a family story, with a father who founded the business and a daughter who built on his success. It began in 1956 with a single yard, 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh and has grown to more than 500 locations.”

Much has changed at 84 Lumber since 2006, but the passage above could easily have been written about the company today.

HBSDealer will revisit the story with a special 84 Lumber focused issue this month.


The special report included this 1956 photo of 33-year-old founder Joe Hardy. Did you ever work with Joe. Let us know your story here.