The Midwest’s lumberyard lead

The Principia 'Stat of the Week' looks at the mix of big box, one-step, specialty and lumberyards.

BY Principia Consulting

The mix of pro dealer and retailer locations varies across regions in the United States, driven primarily by demand and population growth. While big box locations are consistent across the country, the proportion of lumberyards, specialty retailers, and specialty one-steppers differs across regions. The Midwest has the highest proportion of lumberyards at 45% of all pro dealer and retail locations, compared to the West where lumberyards have the smallest share, accounting for just 28% of all locations.

Specialty one-steppers are most prominent in the Southeast, representing 29% of pro dealer and retailer locations. This is likely due to the large amount of roofing activity and new construction overall in the region. Specialty retailers, on the other hand, are the
most influential in the West, where they represent 35% of all pro and retail locations in the region.

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