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Technology built for your business

By Jeff Rogers - 10/29/2019
Every hardware retailer is aware of how popular smart home products have become. The Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) estimates the market for software and products that allow homeowners to control virtually every aspect of their home – from the heating and cooling system to what music will be playing when they open the door – will triple by 2022. Why should your business be any different?

The same innovative technology that allows homeowners to turn on the lights, music and air conditioner as they drive home from work is available to retailers. Store owners can control inventory, adjust employee schedules, check on deliveries, create product sales and promotions, and even do the books from just about anywhere nowadays.

  • Need to check on sales transactions, taxes or adjust your books? Do it while you’re at a supplier market.

  • Have an employee who needs emergency leave? Cover his shift from home with a couple of clicks of a mouse.

  • Enjoying the warmth on a sunny beach? Place an order with your suppliers for additional patio umbrellas or drink coolers from your laptop.

  • Floating down a peaceful river in a drift boat? Adjust the prices of fishing gear and create promotional advertising on your smartphone.

All of this, and much more, is possible with a cutting-edge retail platform that covers all the bases and touches every aspect of your business.

Technology Built for Your Business

For generations, the heart of every business was the cash register and the inventory ledger. Those tools were consolidated when point of sale systems automated and integrated those processes. Retail technology now extends far beyond the checkout stand and the warehouse or receiving dock. A cutting-edge retail platform touches all aspects of business including optimized ordering and inventory management, customer marketing, employee scheduling, accounting, and featuring products online more prominently than Amazon.

As the retail landscape continues to evolve, digital technologies have become increasingly important. Statistics show that retail sales in 2018 totaled $3.7 trillion across all categories, and 92%  of those sales were influenced by digital factors such as online marketplaces, digital advertising and marketing, and mobile searches. This trend indicates that digitally influenced purchases are here to stay.

That’s why having powerful in-store tools combined with a strong digital business presence is so important. Paladin Data Corporation provides independent hardware and LBM businesses the tools to keep them competitive in this evolving landscape. Paladin is a single touchpoint to control all aspects of a business through innovative features and integrations.

"I access insights (in Paladin) to do what’s right for my business specifically. I adjust the platform to make it best-suited for what I need it to accomplish," says Bruce Taylor, Bruce’s Hardware.

  • Order Analyst uses real-time supplier data to locate the lowest cost of each item within a purchase order and splits the PO immediately saving you money to invest in other areas of your business.

  • Chat Support provides answers exactly where you need them – directly in the software. Tired of going to the phone and waiting for help? Industry leading, 100% USA-based support technicians are now only a couple of clicks away.

  • Ez-Ad leverages a business's unique data to enhance the shopping experience with dynamic digital signage, product demonstration videos, a mobile app that shows real-time competitive price comparisons, and more.

  • Sage and QuickBooks empower small businesses with streamlined, secure and compliant bookkeeping all in the package that accountants prefer.

  • Pointy pushes your real-time inventory and pricing to Google when a customer near your store location is searching for a product you stock.

  • Deputy workforce management optimizes employee time, attendance collection and payroll, and allows businesses to forecast their teams for peak hours.

  • Centralized management for multi-stores enables businesses to control and adjust their inventory investment across all locations. Transferring products in real-time between stores is a breeze with automated back office and accounting adjustments.

Additionally, Paladin’s mobile capabilities – Mobile2Deliver, Mobile2Checkout, Mobile2Signature – and Remote Monitoring and Management give retailers the ability to control every part of their business from just about anywhere.

Right Tools for the Job

Partnering with the right technology provider that offers innovative digital tools is essential to running a store effectively and efficiently. They streamline operations and create a single touchpoint to manage all aspects of a business. They’re also critical in creating a dynamic shopping experience that, frankly, customers have come to expect nowadays.

For 40 years, Paladin Data Corporation has provided hardware and LBM businesses technology that simplifies retail operations. Integrating all aspects of a business, including niches and mobile capabilities, into a single platform ensures cohesive data collection and use that allows businesses to make better decisions.

Jeff Rogers is the marketing, sales and partnerships director for Paladin Data Corporation.

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