Survey Results: Generational shift

Seems like a lot of companies might not be prepared for Gen Z.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Generation Z – those in the 22 and under age group (born after 1996) – are forecast to replace the much-discussed millennials as the largest generation, accounting for 32% for the population. And it’s going to happen this year. The point was made last week at the Consumer Goods Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of respondents to the latest HBSDealer poll question said they were either “somewhat” or “very” unprepared to deal with this large group of people.

Also as you might expect, the generation has been dissected and analyzed for certain general behavioral traits. At the conference, Gen Z was described, among other things, as the “Honest Generation,” for instance.

The latest HBSDealer poll question asked: “How prepared is your business for Generation Z?”

After nearly 60 votes, the responses were:

  • Somewhat unprepared: 41%
  • Very unprepared: 27%
  • Somewhat prepared: 24%
  • Very prepared: 8%

The poll remains open. Cast your vote on the right side of the page (or scroll down your mobile device). And of course, click below to share your comments.


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How prepared is your business for Generation Z?
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