Sound Block E90 quietly improves productivity

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Sound Block E90 quietly improves productivity

New Sound Block  E90 acoustical sealant from DAP is specifically designed to reduce sound transmission and improve STC ratings in sound-rated wall & floor systems.

Reducing sound transmission is a critical component and requirement in the construction of residential and commercial buildings, the company says.

“Sound Block E90 offers general contractors, builders and drywall installers an easy to use acoustical sealant for sealing top and bottom runners, cut-outs and perimeter joints that passes all industry standards for sound transmission while also reducing smoke migration and drafts,” said Justin Lingenfelser, Product Manager at DAP. “It is designed to gun easily and tool smoothly in all temperatures, not slump or sag, and maintain excellent adhesion on a variety of substrates.”

Sound Block E90 is ideal for sealing openings around electrical boxes, pipes, duct systems, cut-outs and other types of utility equipment penetrating wall surfaces, as well as perimeter edges including abutting surfaces and corner joints. It also reduces smoke migration and drafts. Sound Block E90 meets all of the industry standards required for these applications, such ASTM E90, C919 and E84/UL723.

Sound Block E90 improves productivity with its easy gun formula that reduces fatigue, two-hour paintability, strong multi-material adhesion and non-sagging formula. The sealant also has outstanding cold weather performance by remaining flexible to endure expansion and contraction caused by temperature and weather extremes without cracking or losing adhesion.

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