Simpson Strong-Tie’s new BTH brick tie

Simpson Strong-Tie has introduced a new, high-performance BTH brick tie.

The first-of-its kind, cost-effective product is capable of connecting brick and stone veneers to light-frame construction across spans up to three inches and offers contractors and homebuilders an innovative solution to meet ever-increasing spacing requirements.

Masonry veneer, often consisting of full-dimensional brick and stone, is used widely for exterior cladding, facades, foundation facings and chimneys.

“As homebuilders continue to use stone and brick veneers, they need wider airspaces between the veneer and wood framing to accommodate the thickness in materials and allow for adequate drying of moisture, especially in mixed humid climates,” says Sam Hensen, vice president of connectors and lateral systems for Simpson Strong-Tie. “Contractors have consequently been asking for a structural product that can provide enough strength to cross up to a three-inch airspace between the veneer and light-frame construction, and we’ve responded with the BTH brick tie innovation.”

Fabricated from 22-gauge galvanized steel, the BTH brick tie is field-adjustable in two places and can be installed with either side facing up, providing strength and versatility across varied jobsite conditions and offering labor-stressed contractors a fast and simple solution.