RectorSeal makes a Quick Connect expansion

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RectorSeal makes a Quick Connect expansion

RectorSeal has added the Quick Connect push-fit, flame-free, refrigerant line brass fitting system to its PRO-Fit tools and accessories product line for the North America and Australia HVAC/R markets.

Quick Connect is designed for ductless mini-split and ducted unitary, single-family residential air conditioning systems. It’s a major refrigerant fitting system that doesn’t require flaring, brazing or expensive crimping connection tools.

After cutting, deburring and marking for proper depth, the refrigerant line installation requires just a few seconds to push into the fitting until the depth marking appears in the sight glass. Each Quick Connect fitting port consists of a patented factory-assembled tight-fitting double O-ring, protector, grip ring and an endcap–none of which needs to be addressed by the installer.

No special tools are required except for a reusable and inexpensive support kit that is sold separately, consisting of a pipe depth marking tool and five sizes of horseshoe-shaped release clips that disengage a connection within seconds.

RectorSeal is a manufacturer of HVAC/R products, and part of the CSW Industrials group of companies.

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