RangeSafe Knobs hit the kitchen

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RangeSafe Knobs hit the kitchen

Bracey, Va.-based RangeSafe LLC, is launching RangeSafe kitchen range knobs, described as after-market enhancements to a modern kitchen serve as both an attractive addition to stoves as well as an added safety measure in the home.

The product uses a patented pinch, push, and turn design. By creating an intentional way to turn on the stove, the risk of accidentally turning on a burner is minimized. Traditional knobs used throughout the market today only require a user to push and twist. The addition of the pinch feature helps to ensure intentional stove use.

Available in two different configurations – one for pro-series (MSRP $49.99) residential kitchen ranges, and one for entry and mid-price point residential ranges - the RangeSafe Knobs can be easily installed after-purchase on most commercially available ranges.

According to the International Fire Chiefs Association, a child or small pet inadvertently turning on a burner causes 11% of injuries that originate on the stovetop. To that end, RangeSafe designed a safety knob for stoves that is both attractive and functional. Unlike plastic caps, RangeSafe knobs are designed to blend seamlessly into kitchens. An added benefit of this design is that children, normally drawn to colorful plastic caps, won't mistake these knobs for toys.

Two versions available – stainless steel brushed metal for pro-series ranges, and durable plastic for entry and mid-price point ranges.