Product Central: Quikrete Lightweight Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco

Building products manufacturers continue to create the latest solutions for new construction, additions and renovations. And with a labor shortage impacting builders and remodelers, particularly on the side of single-family home construction, producers of new products are taking notice.

Below, HBSDealer has assembled an array of what’s new, improved or reinvented in the world of building products, including siding, fasteners and doors, etc.

The latest new building products include features that make it easier and quicker for pros to install. There are also more than a few examples of color and clean, sleek designs among the latest LBM wares.

Here is one notable selection from HBSDealer’s monthly roundup:

Building Products — Quikrete Lightweight Fiberglass Reinforced StuccoQuikrete Lightweight FRS

A Portland cement-based plaster blended with recycled, coated Expanded Polystyrene beads, uniformly graded sand and alkali-resistant glass fibers, Quikrete Lightweight Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco is 35% lighter than traditional pre-blended stuccos, making it faster to transport, stage, mix, pump, place and finish. In 50-pound bags and 1,950-pound bulk bags, it can be troweled or spray-applied on three-coat scratch, brown and finish systems as well as one-coat systems.

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