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Commercial vs. residential insulation: Material and construction differences.

BY Principia Consulting

U.S. residential demand for building insulation products was valued at $4.4 billion net manufacturer revenue in 2018. Commercial demand for building insulation totaled $3.9 billion in 2018. Residential and commercial diverge in terms of top material and construction type.

The predominant material in the residential market is fiberglass. Fiberglass represented 63% of the residential building insulation market by value in 2018. Commercial insulation is dominated by foam with 81% by value.

Two-thirds of demand for residential building insulation comes from new construction. On the commercial side, the opposite is true. Demand is driven by reroofing activity. Insulation above roof deck, the top application on the commercial side, is often replaced along with the roof to secure a warranty on the roofing system. The leading applications are attic, ceiling, roof, or above roof deck.

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