Poll Results: How Green is Your Enterprise?

Most respondents are doing something in their buildings, but many aren't.

BY HBSDealer Staff

The latest HBSDealer poll question explores the wilderness of the green movement — “How has your company embraced the green movement (if at all)?” It’s a topic that sparks passion in a growing number of home owners.

More than half of responses involved adding green products, green messaging, or green facilities to the business. But a full 45% said the company has not embraced the green movement.

Here are the results:

• 45%: Have not embraced the green movement
• 29%: Introduced more environmentally friendly products
• 16%: Invested in energy efficient facilities;
• 9%: Promote the green message in advertising and social media.

The above numbers are based on about 50 responses. The poll remains open for votes on the right side of the page (or scroll down your mobile device). As always, your extended comments are welcome. Share with us at [email protected].


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How has your company embraced the green movement (if at all)?
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