Poll Results: Disruptive construction

Off-site construction ranks high in the latest disruption-based survey

BY HBSDealer Staff

Nurtured by the impact of Google, Amazon and Uber, the word “Disruption” is one of the biggest business buzzwords of the late 2010s. Everyone is feeling it – at least to some extent. And many say that the hardware and building supply is due for a large dose.

That’s why the current HBSDealer poll question reads: “Which of the following will be the most ‘disruptive’ force in the hardware and building supply industry?”

After more than 100 votes, here are the results:

  • Off-site construction, 41%
  • Building material innovation, 21%
  • Climate change, 13%
  • Artificial intelligence, 11%
  • 3-D printing, 10%
  • Drone applications, 3%

The survey is available on the right side of the screen (or scroll down your digital device). Of course, we invite your comments below.


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