Poll Results: Disruptive construction

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Poll Results: Disruptive construction

By HBSDealer Staff - 06/14/2019
Nurtured by the impact of Google, Amazon and Uber, the word “Disruption” is one of the biggest business buzzwords of the late 2010s. Everyone is feeling it – at least to some extent. And many say that the hardware and building supply is due for a large dose.

That’s why the current HBSDealer poll question reads: “Which of the following will be the most ‘disruptive’ force in the hardware and building supply industry?”

After more than 100 votes, here are the results:

  • Off-site construction, 41%

  • Building material innovation, 21%

  • Climate change, 13%

  • Artificial intelligence, 11%

  • 3-D printing, 10%

  • Drone applications, 3%

The survey is available on the right side of the screen (or scroll down your digital device). Of course, we invite your comments below.