Poll Results: a virus’ impact

A big change in poll numbers, after just one month.

BY HBSDealer Staff

In early February, HBSDealer asked readers for their take on the coronavirus and its impact. We asked again in early March.

Not surprisingly, the results were very different.

Here’s the breakdown of votes for the latest survey, based on 395 responses: “Coronavirus redux: What’s been the impact on your business?”

• Supply chain uncertainty: 43% (up from 37% in the prior month).
• Travel disruption: 32% (up from 15% in prior month)
• Boosted sales: 16% (up from 13% in the prior month)
• No impact 9% (down from 35% in the prior month.)

For the previous survey published on Feb. 3, HBSDealer received 149 responses.

Send us your thoughts on the impact of the coronavirus to [email protected].


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Coronavirus redux: what's been the impact on your business?
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