Poll Question: World Cup Watching

BY HBSDealer Staff

This year’s World Cup — the planet’s biggest spectator sport — is taking place in Russia. That means that prime-time matches can be live-streamed during prime office hours here in the United States.

That’s great for soccer fans. And it’s especially great for fans of England, France, Croatia and Belgium, the countries that made it to the final four of the tournament. But some supervisors might not appreciate the focus on athletics during business hours.

Of course, not everyone cares about soccer. But since the World Cup comes and goes only once every four years, this week’s poll question asks: “Are your colleagues distracted at work by the World Cup?”

Take the poll on the right side of this page (or scroll down your handheld device). Or, let us know your thoughts about live-streaming by writing us at [email protected].


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Are your colleagues distracted at work by the World Cup?