Poll Question: Tracking the impulse

Even essential-minded customers make unplanned in-store purchases.

BY HBSDealer Staff

Home improvement retailers have made a name for themselves in the past two months for providing essential products to DIYers and pros. But, of course, there are tens of thousands of items in a hardware store. And sometimes, the customer makes an unplanned purchase.

It’s often difficult to determine if a purchase was planned or impulsive. There’s always the possibility that the customer entered the store intending to buy a Miami Dolphins keychain, and walked out of the store with the keychain and the well merchandised power drill that caught the customer’s attention from an end cap.

But retailers probably have a strong idea.  So the question stands: During the unusual coronavirus outbreak, “what impulse items are customers buying?”

Note: the poll allows readers to add their own answer, if it’s not on the list.

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