Poll question: Sunday business

Some stores are closed on Sunday. Is that a good business decision?

BY HBSDealer Staff

Retailers who keep their stores closed on Sunday point to a good reason. Sunday is family time, they say. And a mandated day off  makes for loyal, happy employees. And happy employees make for happy customers.

Of course, some retailers will argue that closing on Sundays eliminates an important day of sales.

This week’s poll question asks for your opinion about Sundays off: good move or business mistake? Take the poll on the right side of this page (or scroll down your mobile device).

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K.Munson says:
Jun-19-2019 03:23 am

Friends of ours ran a hamburger stand and opened it on Sundays. When the ice cream machine broke down on a Sunday, they had to pay the repair man extra. They started to look at other expenses related to being open on Sundays. They found that they were actually losing money by being open 7 days a week. Additionally, I find that I am much better after having a day away from the business, sharper, rested, and renewed. My family supports the store more when they know I am theirs on Sunday, not feeling like they are competing for my time . And then there's the commandment to honor the Sabbath. As a result, I do not shop at other places on Sunday, to encourage those owners to enjoy a day off to renew and be with their families.



Closed on Sunday -- good move or bad move for a retailer?
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